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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 4, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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it's gone. he caught it. he did it. that is right are. i think that should count as another touchdown. >> i understand your logic. but in this case it is only two point. >> i'm going to give him 7. >> hey, have a great weekend. >> okay. you too. >> here is gretchen. bye-bye. >> welcome everyone to the "real story" day for of the budget mess. now the state department says it means our embassies around the world may not be protected. and a major storm headed our way. support staff and non -essentia personnel being sent home. plus a woman stripped naked after a drunk driving arrest joins us. it is time to get real.
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>> hi, everyone i'm gretchen carlson welcome to "the real story" today. the shut down starting to spread far beyond our borders. the state department warning that our embassies are at risk and the possible economic impact with the debt limitless than two week as way. the global economy could plunge into chaos if the u.s. defaults on the debt. officials there concerned that the shut down in washington could slow the response to that storm. we may not know that there is one. there is nobody on the other end of the line. >> despite the shut down, the national hurricane center is still up online during the storm. fema is recalling furloughed
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workers just in case. tons of frustration on both sides of the aisle. >> this morning i get the wall street journal out and it says we don't care how long this lasts because we are winning. >> this isn't some damn game. the american people don't want their government shut down and neither do i. >> we have lost the respect of the american peoplech mr. speaker this body, congress has lost the respect of the american people and that's who we should be looking for respect from. >> many democrats and even republicans say they blame the stand off on the tea party. that the tea party is high jocking tjock i high jacking the gop. good to see you amy. >> hey gretchen, congrats on your new show i'm glad to be here. >> are organizations like yours
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high jacking the gop? >> i don't think so at all. finally we have representatives in washington that are finally listening to their constituents and quite fan kfrap frankly the doing what americans are behind them. >> some of them are saying what is the end game strategy here. here is an anonymous source, here is one of them. it was very evident to everyone in the room that ted cruz doesn't have a strategy. how do you respond to that? >> i wasn't in the room so i didn't hear it. but i can tell you that i'm sure ted cruz can answer their question. i'm sure that who ever made that quote is one of the ones that
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voted with harry reid last week. these people are more concerned with remaining part of the good ole boy club. that is what is so refreshing about ted and mike lee. they are not there to be part of the gold ole boy club. >> what is the end strategy? >> the end strategy is to get president obama and harry reid and the democrats to come to the table and talk about this horrendous health care law that was shoved down our throats. they didn't have bipartisan support when they passed it. polling from last november shows that it was unpopular then. as more and more people find out about it, it gets more unpopular. right or wrong, it was a law that was passed three years ago. is it the right time to bring it up? >> when is the right time. >> or is the tea party going to
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gain steam the longer this goes on and now do you actually have more leverage? >> there h is never a good time. they don't ever want to talk about it. it is like holding a football or a baby and you won't let it go for anything. it is killing jobs and hurting our economy and hurting american families when they are losing their jobs and wages. what are they more concerned about barack obama's legacy or american people? this affects every american out there and we should be having this discussion. good thing what is going on out there the house is passing the resolutions and congress has gotten used to passing these huge budget bills we are spending more money than we have and we should be passing
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appropriation bills and nothing else. let's look at the waste that we have. maybe people will see how our government is. >> that could be the end result in all of this. >> thank you so much. >> you as well. >> the president spoke about the stalemate a short time ago and addressed republican claim that is he is unwilling to compromise. >> when it come to negotiations i have said i'm happy to have negotiations with the republicans and the speaker on a whole range of issues. but we can't do it with the gun held to the head of the american people. so reopen the government and make sure we are paying our bills two basic functions that congress has and take your cues from folks like this. >> the president's committents today as more eyes are looking at him to step up and lead the nation coming back from the
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brink. good to see you both ladies. >> thank you for having us. >> sally, it looked as if we heard john boehner say that he is infeweriated that the president and someone on his team said let's keep this shutdown going. is the pressure now mounting to step forward and find some sort of compromise here? >> i'm not entirely sure what more the president could do. i get it. republicans don't like obama care although it is interesting polls show that the majority of republican voters actually like what is in obama care. they don't want to give the president this victory. they don't like it fine. but, you know, the law passed. the supreme court up held it. the president was re-elected on it. wait until it is your turn to strike it down.
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they have had 40 votes and now you are holding the country hostage. >> we know all this. ultimately won't it be the legacy of this president that we remember with regard to this shutdown? if you look at all of the other shutdowns you cannot tell me what they were about but we can say who the president of the united states was at the time. >> i don't think it will sorry go ahead michelle. >> this is not the read administration this is the obama administration. he has fail the in leadership. he is sitting on the sidelines and the republicans have compromised. the democrats have this huge government with these programs that they like. the republicans want to cut them. and the republicans are saying we will fund this enormous government we are asking you one thing defund obama care we don't
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want to fund it this year. >> you don't have to listen to me on this one. republicans in their own party the few sensible ones are attacking the extreme fringe in the party and calling them lemmings with suicide vests and it is destroying the republican party and their legacy go ahead keep going. >> to raise awareness and generate conversation about obama care. it is going to be a disaster for this country and what he has done is started a national conversation about the problems with obama care which we have already seen. >> speaking of obama carry want to touch on how many people have actually signed up now. official numbers won't be out until next month. it is more of a trickle than a flood. 7 people in the state of
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louisiana signing up. cigna reports that it saw no enrollments and a congressman from kansas claims not one person had successfully signed up on day one. >> this is one of republicans can claim as one of their successes. they try and destroy and destroy and destroy. they denied fundi ining request then we have these snafoos of course it doesn't work you have been trying to dose troy it all along. >> isn't this why it should have been delayed. >> is it the republican's fault that they have a website that doesn't work? if it was blue cross or blue shield that had to implement this system they would have done it like that. but the government is suddenly
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par of part of it. >> i have to wrap it up there. sally, michelle thank you for a fiery debate. growing backlash over ted cruz over the shutdown. this is harry reid's shoulddown because he wanted it and and because he refuses to listen to the american people. >> our next guest grover norquist. and a major storm targeting the gulf coast. will it become a hurricane and will it make handfall. rur male power panel gets real today about what ladies are wearing in the workplace. what did they like and what do they not? ♪ mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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fox news alert for you now. as we mentioned tropical storm karen taking aim at the u.s. tropical storm watches are posted from louisiana to the florida panhandle. we have complete coverage for you. rick? >> we have had such a calm hurricane season especially because we expected such an active season. but we have a storm knocking on our door. this is what you actually what the satellite sees when it looks down and right there is the center of this storm. all of the activity is off to
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the east. that is not a good seen for a strengthening storm. likely a strong tropical storm making land fall. by tomorrow we are going to see a lot of rain. three to six inches an isolated ten inches not out of the question. it won't be that strong but we could see localized flad ioodin. this right here it is october 4th and we have a blizzard going on across the high plains here. the snow may be up to two feet. and a very big tornado threat throughout the afternoon and evening here. we will continue to track that one as well. all right thank you so much rick. >> no shortage of finger pointing over the government
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shut down. texas senator claiming his refusal to bend on obama care is a losing stras tegy. but last night he said he sees more republicans coming around to his way of thinking now. senate republican ares are becoming united supporting the house republicans. brand new fox news polls finding a quarter of voters blame the shut down on republican leaders. about the same number point the finger at president obama. 8% blame democratic leaders such as harry reid. our next guest says senator cruz pushed house republicans into traffic and then wandered away. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> i was shocked i have to say
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when i heard you come out against senator ted cruz, because having interviewed you in the past it would seem to me that your line of thinking would be similar to senator cruise. i think senator cruz agrees with all of the other republicans in the house and sen tat. every republican has voted more than once to abolish obama care. there is no difference on let's get rid of obama care as quickly as as we can. he insisted that he had a strategy to repeal it. that if the house would vote to repeat it as part of the continuing resolution. he would get the democrats in the senate or enough to pass it flt the . there are 46 and as soon as he
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announced that he was going to pass it. the outside groups that said they were with cruz were going to get them and they got nothing. that is why the house republicans i was pointing out how angry house republicans are that cruz told them that he had a strategy and didn't. the house republicans have walked away from his everything has to be repeal or nothing position. they have passed two or three bills. the senate republicans are with the house republicans i hope ted cruz will be supportive of what they are doing. >> isn't your tax pledge aanalogous of what he is doing? you don't want the give and take of government because you want them to stick to this pledge for
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life? >> two very different things never to be confused. one is a principle don't raise taxes. that is a principle. you should reform government so that it costs less. almost every republican in the house and senate has made a written commitment to their constituents. a written commitment made that and kept that commitment. what ted cruz did was he made a tactic. that's not a principle. >> so you are saying tactic versus principle but there are members of congress who don't want to be part of your pledge anymore. tom coburn says this: so do you see how some might see it as
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similar? >> no, completely different. i've had long conversations with coburn who has taken the pledge and kep t it. as he told me at the time, grover, i hope we can pass a debt ceiling with $2.5 trillion in spending cuts. but i think we have to give them a tax increase. if you give the president a tax increase you will see no spending cuts. and we got all spending cuts and no tax increase. what he feared was not true we stayed and said we are not raising taxes and we were able to cut spending. but what cruz said this vote on this date is the only way to do it. >> that wasn't true. >> and here we are on day four or five of the shutdown and nothing resolved. thank you so much for your time today. >> coming up on the show horror
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touching ceremony for a hero. he died protecting his comrades portrayed in the movie, "black hawk down". >> hi, gretchen, sergeant randy schubert is truly a hero who died on the streets of somalia.
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he was part of the team that was ordered to leave the area but challenged the order because americans were on the ground and wounded. he saved a life and then foot hours before being shot and killed himself. he was awarded the medal of honor and when military vets came to his home town they had trouble finding his gravestone. some special ops vets decide thad that he needed a monument and they erected a monument with the medal of honor inscription in it. yesterday they dedicated it to him. the fighting spirit is still alive as is the bond of trust it will be kept alive by those who will preserve his memory and we spoke to another one of those military veterans listen.
11:27 am
>> randy and his follow soldiers tried to make a difference in the world. that being said, the intent of the grave is that it will never be forgotten, always remembered and there is a price to be paid for freedom. >> when those two helicopters crashed 20 years ago it touched off a battle that left 18 americans dead and 79 wounded. that is the actual footage but it has been depicted in books anl the movie that we have all seen. he now has a monument in pennsylvania honoring him and the others. hard to believe it has been 20 years. thank you. >> well the gulf coast on alert now. tropical storm karen threatening. we are live in louisiana with the latest on the preps. and something no one looks forward to. how do you tell your significant
11:28 am
other that they need to shed a few pounds. we'll talk to our all male panel. they are getting ready.
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welcome back everyone.
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just a quick look at stories we are following today. he was considered the last of vietnam's old guard comyunists. prosecuteters charging woman with murder. police in massachusetts may have to watch what they say now. lawmakers proposing a bill that may cost officers their jobs if they swear or use foul language. >> as we reported earlier tropical storm karen on the move now. the weather radar shows it s i churning towards the coast. getting ready to put them back to work. steve is streaming live from
11:33 am
myrtle grove, florida. hey, steve. >> gretchen about 25 miles south of new orleans here there is light rainfall right now. we have seen heavy rainfall during the sunny morning hours we have seen people making final preparations. other others using sandbags to build up dams. the governor is declaring a state of emergency. some of those voluntary and some of those mandatory. of course, people taking this storm very seriously and the parrish several years ago 15 feet of water was pushed up here and five people died. they are hoping that it won't be as punishing. >> there is a lot of posturing as the wall street journal
11:34 am
quoted one unnamed white house official. saying they are not in a rush to end the shoutdown because we ar winning. >> this morning i get the wall street journal out because we are winning. this isn't some damn game. the american people don't want their government shutdown and neemger e neemg neither do i. >> a short time later, the white house press secretary tweeting. >> now to our panel. good to see all three of you. bill, can we all get along or is
11:35 am
it good to have this discourse? >> i think a lot of people think that the government is shut down. i'm not one of them. but i love the fact that we can use tweeter to disavow things. i think we are a nation of 12-year-old girls and poi# i'msorrywhatididtot i'msorrywhatididtothegreenroomba throom. >> you see what the speaker did. >> ryan are you going to make light of this or do you see this as a serious situation. >> i'm sad that the national zoos are closed the tpanda bear
11:36 am
camera is shut off. how am i supposed to survive? >> they are winning and the american people are losing as usual. >> let's talk about something light hearted. which is losing weight. we have all had to go through it. how many pounds heavier were you there. 300 pounds. did that lovely woman in the photo at prom. did she have the heart to tell you that you needed to drop a few pounds? what does it take to tell your significant other that you need to shed some. what i like to do is i will find my loved one and go hey, am i getting thinner? feeling like when i'm next to you i'm smaller for some reason. >> that is not going to win you any points jo you lie.
11:37 am
you can never tell your other half that they look fat. don't ever go there. if you want them to lose weight. you start losing weight h do it together. >> bill? >> i disagree with all of this. first of all i prefer the before ryan. as a shuby chachubby chaser. i apologize to everyone out there and that bigger and listening to me out there. call me. >> as you can see, at fox we have no dress code. you are not wearing a tie bill, but adam is. to each their own. there is a company now recently banning micro miniskirts and baseball caps even flip-flops. do you agree with this and it sets the tone that you need to be more sophisticate the and not wear things like this? >> i love that you said we don't
11:38 am
have a dress code by the fact that he is not wearing a tie. >> i'm on at 3:00 in the morning guys all right? >> they said no tattoos, no earrings, no baseball caps, what are you recruiting hell's angels? >> adam do you think that it sets a tone in a corporate setting. no body piercing. >> none of us will take our shirts off. personally i'm the middle-aged guy i think this is appropriate and i think people should dress appropriately the nose piercing is okay. >> compared to phil keeting, i'm wearing a tuxedo right now. usually he wears a t-shirt and he's behind a tiki bar. as much as i love the studio i feel like i'm in a space ship. he has it right. >> and he does. he's lucky to work in florida
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right. >> have a great week end. thank you. >> we need to clarify something. we said that the administration was advertising the affordable care act in cosmopolitan but did not runny a, any adds. coming up the woman who god searched and why she says the police went too far. the smell of your home cooking. the real story on smartphone smell vision straight ahead. my mom used to make so many great things that would be great. before they sat down, one more time, just for themselves. before the last grandchild. before the first grandchild. smile. before katie, debbie, kevin and brad...
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welcome back now to the
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"real story". the future is here. a japanese company has invented a smartphone smell vision a cartridge that produces the scents of cinnamon rolls and cow fee. parent parents listen to this. my next guest wrote the best seller "queen bes and want to bes". she worked with boys across the country to learn how to turn boys into men. welltcome to "the real story". so much attention goes to girls are so difficult to raise. i have one of each and i guess i would have fallen into that camp. why am i wrong? >> you are not wrong. he think that girls are the ones
11:44 am
with complicated friendships and that boys don't have complicated friendships. when they get rejected they don't fight it out and then it is over. they often times carry it deep inside and don't think they can talk to us. they can get themselves into problems and get way in their head and get hurt. >> we do boys sort of a disservice but not allowing them to feel comfortable. >> we want boys to be confident and strong and proud of who they are as boys and men. friendships are important to me but they are complex so i need to learn how to address it. >> so when you go to pick up your boy from school today are you supposed to barrage him with
11:45 am
questions? >> i have to tell you, experts like me included would tell you when you get your son in the car ask them questions, that shows that you love them. they would love to have peace ip the car when they get in. if your child says i'm fine don't worry about it. it is not a rejection of you. parents need to realize if you came home from work how was work today, did you answer all of your e-mails? you would feel stressed out. see it from their perspective and you also say give them specific advice rather than do the right thing. >> what is that? because you know it is complicated. there are complicated situations that kids get into today. to just tell them do the right thing it is hard for them to know what is the right thing in
11:46 am
this moment. i don't know, i like this person he is my friend but he is doing the wrong thing. how do i handle that. these are complicated situations that kids are getting into. they need more than sound bytes. >> parents think how do i get them off the video games? >> that is mine. >> and i had to start limiting to the point where i allowed my son to earn the time and it was limited in fashion. is there anything wrong with boys being fascinated by that? >> of course not. they are not all bad. what it is, is recognizing that it is so important for parents to not feel like oh, it is fine so they don't put any boundaries on it. or they feel like it is so bad and they don't do it at all. games can be wonderful.
11:47 am
don't worry about facebook and phones. worry about how your child, if they are interacting online. the ways they attack each other online, that is what you need to be focused on. great advice here. >> you can check it out. thank you so much. thank you for having me. >> a woman says male deputies forcibly stripped searched her and now she is suing. my exclusive interview with her next. >> i was very fearful. i recall lying there being as still as i could in fear that they may come back inside. i had lots of thoughts going through my head. i wasn't sure if they came back in what might happen to me. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth.
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a woman in illinois claiming that she was stripped searched and the whole thing caught on camera. joining us now dana holmes. thank you gretchen. >> i think that i want to get this out of the way. you admit that you were driving drunk and you plead guilty and you received probation. with that out of the way and what happened to you after that
11:52 am
is in excusable. what happened when you got to the jail cell? >> i was patted down by a female officer and i was cooperating and then i was forceableably attacked to the floor. frm the from there i was carried to the cell where they stripped me completely naked and left me lying on the cell floor. were you fearful about what happened next? >> i was fearful and i recall lying there being as still as i could.
11:53 am
>> within removing my thought gg through my my thought gg >> so they eventually put you in a padded suit. and put a blanket around you. this is how you're fingerprinted and photographed. mr. eckle, i have to ask you, obviously a violation of civil rights here. is this also criminal? >> it is. in illinois, specifically provided in the statutes that if the requirements of a proper strip search are violated it becomes official misconduct, which is a class 3 felony. we're going to be meeting with the lasalle county state's attorney in the near future and encourage them to conduct a criminal investigation of this officers and indict them. >> in the meantime you have filed a federal lawsuit against the lasalle county authorities. correct? >> that's right. on monday we filed a action in
11:54 am
federal court in illinois under the federal severely rights act, for -- federal civil rights act for the violations of dana and that case is pending. >> what excuse have they given you? it's my understanding the law says you can only be strip-searched by the same sex of a police officer, which obviously didn't happen, and they have to have a reasonable understanding or reasonable excuse to think that you might be carrying drugs on your body or some sort of weapon. right? >> gretchen, that's absolutely correct. the statute requires there has to to be reasonable grounds to believe the inmate has either drugs or a weapon on them there has to be approve approval from a supervisor. the search has to be conducted by a guard of the same sex and has to be in a secluded area. in this case, all provisions were violated by lasalle county sheriffs. filibuster. >> and that attorney went on to
11:55 am
say that after miss holmes came forward seven other women have contacted him saying similar things happened to them. we have reached out to the sheriff's office for their response and they have said no comment. we'll continue to follow this story for you. the calendar says october, but parts of the country getting hit with a winter storm, up to two feet of snow. dad! dad! katy perry is coming to town. can we get tickets, pleeeeease??? tickets? hmm, sure. how many? well, there's hannah, maddie, jen, sara m., sara b., sa -- whoa, whoa. hold on. (under his breath) here it comes... we can't forget about your older sister! thank you, thank you, thank you! seriously? what? i get 2x the thankyou points on each ticket. can i come? yep. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on entertainment and dining out, with no annual fee. to apply, go to
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>> we want to know what you think. kelly edge tweeting those chairs should be called the real chairs. and an e-mail comes from casey, gretchen, con greats on your first week and happy anniversary. is that from my husband? could it be? it actually is our anniversary today. 16 years. can you believe it? there we are. yep, with my two great kids, kia and christian, just a couple weeks ago at the miss america
11:59 am
pageant. thanks so much and happy anniversary to you, and i know it's eric bowling's anniversary. we got married on the same day, can you believe it? at the same time, 16 years ago. and here we work together now and are friends as well. uh-oh. something else is going to happen here? uh-oh. here comes ashley. she is a top notch producer here at fox news. what did you bring in here? happy anniversary, gretchen. congratulations, i'm so proud of you, from casey, from my husband. wow. thank you, honey. are you there? dropped off the card? my goodness. i'm going to see him later on. thanks so much for doing that, for trying to set that up to my producers, jennifer -- >> i'm here, honey. >> there's my husband. you made it just in time. where are you in. >> just in time. happy anniversary. congratulations on your first week. >> well, thank you so much, sweety.
12:00 pm
i'll see you a little later on. suddenly i feel like we're talking to national tv about what we might be doing tonight. i know we're going to have fun. >> we're going to have a good time. >> see you later, honey. have a fantastic weekend everyone. thanks for watching "the real story." >> i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. the news begins anew. the back and forth in d.c. getting even more bitter. a white house official quoted assaying it's winning the battle. now both sides are very fired up. >> then the bikers choosed of beating a father in front of his family could soon face justice. that another person injured lawyers up. >> we're keeping a close watch on tropical storm karen as the huge stretch of the gulf coast is under a hurricane watch. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b."


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